Wandering Moon Theatre

Wandering Moon Shadow Theatre
Chiang Mai, Thailand
"Tale of Mekong River" Video


Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

26-03-05 Janghu Festival Kunming

18-11-05 HKW Berlin

16-12-05 Boulev´Art Cotonou Benin

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

The Wandering Moon Performing Group & Endless Journey:
Who Are They? What They Are Doing? Why the Name is Extremely Long?

Once upon a time, there is a woman fell in love with shadow the first time she laid eyes on it. Day after day, night after night, she traveled with shadow puppet. People started to call her "Aunty Tip". On her way, she met other "Moons" traveling just like her. They gathered and called themselves

"The Wandering Moon Performing Group & Endless Journey". Soon the Moons became part of a special performance "Shadow Theatre". It was told that shadow has a life. Once the Sun sets and the Moon comes out to play, it's sometimes full of joy jumping out of the screen, sometimes sad as if waiting to be discovered. Most of their performances always has stories... stories that make people wonder and make them carry on the journey.... so people know shadow theatre. Established informally in 1998 at a small town in Northern Thailand, contemporary shadow theatre is a science and art that is still a mystery in the country. Though an amount of people has seen it, but its mystery is still magnetically attract people to come close and until... you get to feel its magic for yourself.

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Therefore, media works should not be carelessly taken as the apply processes is very much important. If you need a hand on alternative media development as a tool, especially on shadow theatre, we are pleased to be at your service.

The Wandering Moon

Shadow Theatre Freedom of Imagination
No other performances precisely proof the power of what Antoine de Saint-?xupery, the author of The Little Prince, once said "what's essential is invisible to the eyes". Every time we perform shadow play, many miracles happen to both performers and audiences. There're thousand of questions we cannot find the answer to. The curiosity of children and grown-ups endlessly pushes them to the back stage after the performance ends, to see what magic is hidden behind the thin white screen. In every performance, one thing should not be forgotten--shadow has a life though it's man made and the truth behind such beauty is actually a fragile piece of paper. All puppets have their time to expire. Every journey we take articulates the fact that someday what we're seeing will be gone. One day you'll never see any of them again. You might miss their last performance on the screen. Yet such alike shadows might be made but it will never ever be the same ones.

The only thing left behind is memory and what we can feel with our heart. Every puppet has different shadow and very much like its creators. In shadow theatre workshops, the ugliest puppet unbelievably turns to be the cutest in the world of shadow. The shyest child becomes the most full-hearted and energetic puppeteer feeling what is in their hands. In many journeys, light and shadow enchant the audience. This is what special in telling stories with shadow theatre. The puppeteers/ performers are in a space nobody could find any sense of. We have traveled far and still see this world of shadow creating new meanings on stage, and many more to be discovered. Only those using their hearts will be there.