Michael Vorfeld

Michael Vorfeld Berlin: "Von Wellen und anderen Teilchen" Music

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

23-01-04 Fifo Festival Tahiti

24-02-04 Oceania Center USP Suva Fiji

09-03-04 Pondok Pekak Library Ubud Bali Indonesia

22-3-04 MAF Bangkok 2004

07-9-04 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

23-10-04 Galerie Wohlfahrt Rotterdam

29-10-04 Art Academy of Münster / Haferkamp Münster

30-10-04 Deux Machine Festival München

01-11-04 Kunstkammer Stuttgart

25-02-05 MAF Bangkok

27-02-05 Rajata Arthouse
Bangkok Thailand

26-03-05 Janghu Festival Kunming

30-07-05 Station 17 Kassel

18-11-05 HKW Berlin

16-12-05 Boulev´Art Cotonou Benin

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

23-01-06 Arthaus Accra

29-01-06 Arema Lomé Togo

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

17-10-06 University of Forestry Ha Tay Vietnam

20-10-06 Goetheinstitut Hanoi

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

I started playing music when I was fourteen, after hitch-hiking to the next bigger city and buying a pair of bongos. Increasing my percussion set, I had my first groups. After school I worked in a studio for photography in Cologne. At the same time I got more and more interested in improvised and experimental music. As a member of the artist group 'Heinrich Mucken', founded in 1982, I got involved in site specific art projects. I studied art in Cologne and Visual Communication in Kassel(MA). My visual interest shifted towards the use of light in three dimensional spaces. Now I am living in Berlin, working as musician and visual artist.
The list of activities includes concerts, performances and exhibitions among others:
'documenta 8' Kassel (with the artist group 'Heinrich Mucken'), 'Moltkerei Werkstatt' Cologne, 'Het Apollohuis' Eindhoven, 'Logos Foundation' Ghent, 'Künstlerhaus am Deich' Bremen, 'Palais des Beaux Arts' Brussels, 'Melkweg' Amsterdam, 'Künstlerhaus' Dortmund, 'Expo - German Pavillon' Hannover, 'Goethe Institut' Hanoi, 'Experimental Intermedia' New York, 'Podewil' Berlin, 'Center of Contemporary Art' Warshow, 'Plan B' Tokyo, Stadtmuseum Cologne, Architektur Museum Basel, Kunstgewerbemuseum Frankfurt/M, 'De Fabriek' Eindhoven/NL, Underground Car Park Kassel, 'Klang Art Festival' Osnabrück, 'The Substation' Singapore,'Art in General', New York, Planetarium Kassel. Text deutsch