Banyan Kids Day - Varanasi

Banyan Kids Day at BHU. Arrival of children of the Premjyoti Intergaration School near Varanasi

Arrival of children of the Gangotri School Varanasi

Arrival of a project for street children in Varanasi

Presentation of works made by children from all over the world

Presentation of a Puppetry video made by students of BHU

Telling a ferytale, made at a Banyan workshop with children of Gangotri School Varanasi in 2007

This story was interpretated as animation movie. At children´s house Sternschnuppe / school station Herman Nohl School, participating kids developed animation films made from plasticine and paper. Summer 2010. With Banyan artist Susanne Themlitz, Portugal

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Banyan Kids Day
Friday 11 March, 2 pm

A great event, also visiting: Another school project for street children in Varanasi and parents with chldren.

The Banyan exhibition in Varanasi presented workshop results of children of Premyoti Integration School and of the Gangotri School made 4 year ago. The children changed, but not the institutions. Everybody was very happy to see our presentation.

We guided the kids through the exhibition, and and we presented some videos, one puppetry video by students of BHU, and very special: A video made by children in Berlin-Neukölln, inspired by a story, developed by children of Gangotri School 4 years ago!