George Tencredo

George Tancredo, Nappi Village, Guyana
"Love Magic" sculpture

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

Nappi Village, Guyana

12-01-08 Village School Surama, Guyana

14-01-08 Bina Hill Institute, Guyana

"I left school at 16 and went to learn to be a mechanic. I failed. I went to seek for gold int the "gold bush" but i flailed at that also, than i went to cut balata in the "balata bush". I was a good balata bleeder. I noticed that a lot of balata could not sell, it was beeing wasted so i decided to use it to make figurines. By then i really needed the money to get by. I sold whatever balata i could, and with that remained, i made little armadillos. I noticed that the people bought them so i made more and raised the price....

My work has also been exhibited at Guyfesta, at Carifesta in Jamaika, and in other countries. I´ve also sold some in Brasil."
George Tancredo