Rainbow Children

RainbowChildren.org Krithika + Fabricio do Canto Brazil + India "Green" Video

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

Rainbow-Children Workshop

It is a cross media project with with one broading mind objective of learning how colors affect people in a trans cultural context by the example of differently abled children in India.

By that RC attempts to improve the image of those considered “disabled” with by showing one example where those considered “normal” can learn from the differently-abled.

We have done a whole series of 3 workshops in different NGO’s caring for differently abled children in India. The Kiran Village in Varanasi, the Muskan Viklang Trust in Bodhigaya and the Tibetan Home Handicapped Children and Craft in Dharamsala.

In those workshops we immersed the children in the world of colors. Through a week the children would live each day one color, in a room with all walls and floor in the same color, dressing the same color, eating, painting, playing..everything in the same color... We had the artist Howart Solarte from Venezuela to guide them and to capture the feelings in photo Krithika Srinivas do Canto (USA/India) and in video Enzo Perin (Germany/Italy).

The pictures, videos with different soundtracks were presented first in Bombay and after at the Profile Intermedia 8 in Germany.

Besides the multi-media art works resulting from the workshops we also cooperated training the APD in Bangalore to include crystal application into their training program for tailoring and embroidery. The outputs of this training are being launched under the label Fashion Victory.

The money raised will be used to pay for the therapy and life enhancing of the children in the Muskan Viklang Trust.