Moffat Luzza

Moffat Luzza, Suva, Fiji + Solomon Islands: "Kokina - Songs from the Solomon Islands" Music

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Moffat Luza, from the Central Solomon Islands, is a student at the University of the South Pacific (USP) Laucala Campus.

The release of his CD by the USP's Oceania Arts Centre on Tuesday was a big moment for him.

The CD is called Kokina which means 'heritage'.

Luza believes that traditional music is a rich part of the overall Solomon Islands' cultural heritage.

He says one way of preserving this heritage is through the preservation of music.

The CD album is an adaptation of the traditional music of Ngella where Luza is from.

The music is a unique rendition of ancient chants synthesised with contemporary medium.

Kokina, signifies the force of sorrow and love and this was clearly evident when Luza and his group of friends performed a piece from the CD.

Luza has had an interest in traditional music from a young age.

He says he has always been aware of the importance of traditional music in the Solomon Islands.

"Putting culture and heritage through music for me is a means preserving them" says Luza, a Bachelors Degree student in Primary Education.

The CD was composed and recorded at the Oceania Arts Centre