Max B

Enfant de la Rue
Est-ce qu’un être a été crée, par pour ou dans la Rue
Suis-je pas aussi une créature ?
Par tout où je passe on me huuuuuue !!! pourtant,
Pourtant j’œuvre pour qu’évolue la Rue,
C’est moi qui balaie vos sales Rues,
J’ai du courage à rendre, malgré les injures,
C’est moi qui dégage vos excès d’ordures,
Ordre plus que vous il n’y en a plus,
Ordre et l’école de la Rue,
La meilleure éduque est celle certes qui vient de la Rue,
pourtant tu me traites d’ordure, or sûr sur tes tas d’ordures je trouve ma nourriture pourtant je ne souffre d’aucun de tes maux têtus,
Sache qu’il y a un DIEU pour les malheureux,
Enfant de la rue, n’est il pas une honte pour les gens heureux ?
Tu t’es tu. Dure est l’école de la Rue.

(Refrain : En fongbé (une langue de chez moi en R du Bénin)

Chorus : Aucun enfant n’a demandé à naître
Aucun enfant n’a demandé à puisque ce soit de naître
Aucun enfant n’a demandé de le mettre au monde
Donc il n’y a guère de dépotoir d’enfant prenez vos responsabilités de sénateurs et d’éducateurs.

(2) Couplet :

Or l’ordure enfant de la Rue vend sa conscience pour te faire élire,
Le lir est mon dû, puisque survivre est surtout mon but,
Enfant de la Rue, t’as encore besoin de mon avis pour que tu sois élu,
Psychologiquement tu m’as battu, détruis par tes promesses, ton dit paradis terrestre, je l’ai cru, crue sûr, sûr, sur la face je l’ai lu
Psychologiquement je suis tordu, mon esprit confus, j’ai bu, bu, tellement bu me fus, ivrogne je suis devenu, elle a abusé de moi( Jeanne-Marie)- marijan-
Mon avenir est foutu, le désespoir a pris le dessus, galère, misère, calvaire crevant, le prix nobel de délinquance j’ai reçu, tu m’as tellement arrêté, incarcéré, que ma maison est devenue ta prison, bon gré, mal gré, je suis devenu enfant de la Rue à tort ou à raison
T’as raison, mais malgré tes sales dégâts à mon égard
Malgré ta sale vie de bon banche à mon regard
J’envie pas ta place
Je plains ta classe
Je suis habitué aux huuuuuuuuuuues de la Rue moi car j’ai vécu dans la Rue moi,
Place moi dans une autre Rue si je serai toujours enfant de la Rue
L’enfant Rue c’est toi G

Automatic Translation:

Was child of the Street a being creates, by for or in the Street I Am not also a creature? By very where I pass one me huuuuuue!!! however, Pourtant I work so that evolve/move the Street, It is me which sweeps your dirty Rues, I have courage to return, in spite of the insults, It is me which releases your excesses of refuse, Ordre more than you there is not more, Ordre and the school of the Street, best educates is that certainly which come from the Street, however you treats me refuse, but sure on your heaps of refuse I however find my food I do not suffer from any of your obstinate evils, Know that there is GOD for the unhappy ones, Enfant of the street, am not it not You are you. Last is the school of the Street. (Refrain: In fongbé (a language of at home in R of Benign) Chorus: No child asked to be born Any child did not ask since is to be born Any child did not require to put it at the world Donc it hardly has dump of child there take your responsabilities for senators and teachers. (2) Verse: However the refuse child of the Street sells his conscience to make you elect, to lir It is my due, since to survive is especially my goal, Enfant of the Street, still have you need for my opinion so that you would be elected, Psychologiquement you beat me, destroy by your promises, your known as terrestrial paradise, I believed it, rising sure, sure, on the face I read it Psychologically I am twisted, my confused spirit, I drank, drank, so drunk were, addicted to drink for me I became, it misused moi(Jeanne-Marie) - marijan- My future is foutu, despair has misery, bursting martyrdom, the Nobel Prize of delinquency I received, you so much stopped me, imprisoned, that my house became your prison, good liking, badly liking, I became child of the Street wrongly or rightly have You reason, but in spite of your dirty damage in my connection In spite of your dirty life of good form to my glance I do not envy your place I lime pits your class I am accustomed to the huuuuuuuuuuues Street me because I lived in the Street me, Place me in another Street if I will be always child of the Street the Rue child it is you G

Max B is living in Cotonou in Benin.
His Song is called : Children of the Street.

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

23-01-06 Arthaus Accra

29-01-06 Arema Lomé Togo

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

17-10-06 University of Forestry Ha Tay Vietnam

20-10-06 Goetheinstitut Hanoi

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

18-04-07 NFC Orpenage Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Max-B, of his true name Maxime Charles Bancole, was born November 04 1975 in Cotonou, Benin. 6th of a family of seven children and native of Ouidah, Max-B lost his father at a young age and grew up learning how to survive while confronting the injustices of the ghetto streets of Cotonou.  To have had to evolve in such an environment, however, did not stop young Max-B from obtaining a formal education including a diploma in Commerce & Marketing. With this diploma in hand, he decided to devote himself fully to the two true loves of his life, Visual Arts and Music. 
In effect, this young man came to realize that these two artistic kinds could become his most efficient tools of expression against the injustices of the world. As he says it so well while talking about himself, “I’m the rebel that stands for truth and the defense of the weak and wrongfully oppressed.”
For a person such as Max-B, it was all-natural to choose Hiphop as his credo and Rap as his music for communicating his messages of revolt and of a call to a better universal existence. In fact, being almost the Benjamin of his family, it wasn’t easy as a child for him to give his opinion and earn respect like his elder siblings. Max-B owes his rap style to the death of his father and his struggle to ‘come-out’ being one of the ‘less-favoured’ individuals in a society dominated by materialism and corruption.
For him Rap is not for ‘daddy’s boys’ or the preppies but for the modest ones, the humble ones, and the soldiers that will step-up as noble people and enjoy the fruit of hard labour. “Some say that they are there to help us…  …  I’d rather we all learned to say that we want to be partners and not saviours, for he who believes in himself should have his passion as his prime enterprise. And in the end, one day on our hell of a planet, our passion will transform into a dream-come-true”. Little wonder why Max-B’s debut album, ‘Homage to Mulero’ is staple among true Hiphop heads in Benin. Now on his sophomore album ‘Ghetto is Like Pepper’, Max-B has worked with the likes of some ill emcees including the group Zonecyde from Nigeria across Benin’s eastern border. Max-B has become an important figure in the image of Benin’s Hiphop culture, and will remain so for a very long time.