Ingrid Maurer

Ingrid Maurer, Ubud, Bali + San Francisco: "Peace Flags" Object

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Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

09-03-04 Pondok Pekak Library Ubud Bali Indonesia

22-3-04 MAF Bangkok 2004

07-9-04 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

23-10-04 Galerie Wohlfahrt Rotterdam

29-10-04 Haferkamp Münster

30-10-04 Deux Machine Festival München

01-11-04 Kunstkammer Stuttgart

25-02-05 MAF Bangkok

26-03-05 Janghu Festival Kunming

30-07-05 Station 17 Kassel

18-11-05 HKW Berlin

08-12-05 1. Ecoile de Dzolo Togo

16-12-05 Boulev´Art Cotonou Benin

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

23-01-06 Arthaus Accra

29-01-06 Arema Lomé Togo

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

17-10-06 University of Forestry Ha Tay Vietnam

20-10-06 Goetheinstitut Hanoi

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

08-01-2008 Burrows School of Art, Georgetown, Guyana

Igrid Maurer lives now in Ubud on Bali, Indonesia. She is born in Germany, lived for many years in Califoria and moved to asia, recovering from worcalism, how she says.

When Ingrid arrived in the US from Germany in 1980, she met Rudolph Schaeffer of the Rudolph Schaeffer School of Design and Color in San Francisco. Schaeffer combined eastern and western philosophies and applied his rhythmo-chromatic color theory to many artistic disciplines, including Chinese pottery, Japanese shibori, silk-dyeing techniques, paper-making and book binding.
Another significant inspiration is the Asia-Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT). Curator Doug Hall has been cultivating this art scene for 15 years and has an entire global archive in his library. Since December 2002 Ingrid has been developing an educational program that introduces clients to the APT.