Rolf Hinterecker

Rolf Hinterecker, Freudental Bensberg, Austria + Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

"Basisstation" Mixed Media

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

17-10-06 University of Forestry Ha Tay Vietnam

20-10-06 Goetheinstitut Hanoi

08-12-06 Uni Paderborn

BHU University, Varanasi India

When I was the first time in a village somewhere in the jungle in Sri Lanka or Northern Thailand I wondered why these people live without any beauty.. There are no flowers at the huts and no green at all . Just a great plain place of swept soil. No chance even for some dry leaves or any dirt. I thought about the difference of European farm or country houses with their flower gardens and the balconies.

In my garden is a little lake  and in springtime there are hundreds –may be even thousands of green frogs. Their croaking is really noisy ..but this is not the problem. One of my daughters is paranoid about frogs…When she was 8 or 9 years old she stepped bar feed on such a poor creature in the night time. The frog was killed and since those days she wouldn’t even watch at them. The old fairytale that you should kiss a frog to get a prince, sounds just obscene for her. Now she is 22 and not married yet.

Two years ago I nearly stepped into a 1.50 meter long and fat snake laying on the stones in the entrance door. I am paranoid about snakes… even if I have seen lots of different kinds in jungles all around the world.  No, I get always a shock (and the poor snake as well I guess.) It took me a while to realize that the snakes – there are at least 5 of them –live around the lake in our garden. They are absolute harmless. And they live from fishes and frogs! My daughter loves snakes.. She is able to hang them around her neck!

So both of us avoid to come too close to the lake… The problem is that between two trees there is also the clothes line to pick up the washed laundry…. And we don’t even think about killing an animal.. 

I have offered a neighbours boy to pay him 10 US per snake if he catches them and transport to the lakes in forest some miles away. My daughter complained so the snakes will stay. So there is no solution so far. 

But I have learned from the tribes in the jungle. I cut the grass as short as possible and avoid all bushes and vegetation close by the places I have to walk in my garden.

In wintertime there are no snakes and no frogs.. but also it makes no sense to hang the laundry out. Mostly it is raining or there are just a few hours daylight.

Several education's (painting/ stained glass windows/ study social worker/ Contemporary Art (Study of Metal-Sculpturing Prof. Berger / Painting Prof. Dank) 
1975 Jet Ferro,  art group
1980/ 83 Traveling around the world. Main focused on South-East-Asia. Diaries/ movies/ performances in Japan, India, Singapore, Nepal, Thailand, Australia, Tahiti USA and others.
1988  Preunschen Stipendium Harlekin Art
1993-98 Member and chairman of the Ultimate Akademie, Cologne. (a fluxus based art group founded 1988 by Al Hansen)

solo (s) – and group (g)  - exhibitions  (selection)
2005  Organised Matter, Installation at 'Laboratorium of Art', Villa Streccius, Kunstverein Landau  Germany (G)
2004 The leave of the lotus flower Objekt-Installation with water bassains at 'looking back forward', 20 years Kaos Galerie,Kunstwerk Cologne, (G) 
2004  Laboratoire temporaire Parc de Liessies France (s)
2004  the 6, Finger,  Installation at '> fast forward ' Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden / Germany (g)
2003  Temporäres Flusslabor  Schwinmendes Groß-Objekt in the Donau in Rahmen of 'Galerie im Fluss' Grein / Austria (g)
2002  Genome-Gnome-Project - Works of 1984-2002, Gallery Villa Zanders, Bergisch Gladbach/ Germany (s)
2001 activity, Installationen / Environments / Objects , Gallery 68elf, Cologne / Germany (s)
2001  Temporary Laboratory,  Environment / Objects : Dystans 777,  'Baltic Contemporary  Art Biennal', Stettin / Poland (g)
2000  The Genome Gnome Project, first experimetal research for living conditions in open space, 'Kunst  in the Landschaft V', Gut Gasteil, / Austria (g)
1998  The blue seeds, Installation atr Genforschung, Nationalpark Ojców, Kraków/ Poland (g)
1998`s me,  GalleryOpen Space, Bangkok / Thailand (g)   
1997  a global affair, Installation in public Space in Chiang Mai / Thailand) (g)
1994  Chromososmenbarke, Objekt / Installation, Institut für Humangenetik, Düsseldorf / Germany (s)
1994  Interferenz Sehnsucht,  at 'You and me shop' v. Takako Saito, GalleryIllverich, Düsseldorf / Germany (g)
1993  Kontaminiert,  Environment / Objects  atr Genmanipulation: Ultinate Akademie, Cologne/ Germany (s)
1993  TATA OST, Interaktive Gruppe, Ehrenf. Kunstvereins (Cologne ) .Grassimuseum, Leipzig/ Germany (g)
1988 Toy-Napping, Edition of objects about the zoo of nuclear physics / Germany (s)
1985  Weißes Schiff mit Gold and  Silber, Installation for 'Harlekin', Michael Berger, Wiesbaden ( Wolkenbilder: Geoffry Henriks ) (s)
1985  Apokalypse,  Mixed Media / Environments / Installationen / 9 Videos,  Kaos Gallery,Cologne /Germany (s)
1984  sand,  Installation and  Enviroment, in the Pret ,New York / USA (g)
1978  Natur, Natur, in the smallest galelry of the world', of Heinz Zolper and  Theo Lambertin, in Cologne er Kunstverein (s)
1974  Moos-Enviroment, 'Neumarkt of the Artists' (NDK), Cologne  

Projects: Concept, Realisation, Organisation (selection)
2006 in progress Co-Organisator of the International Performance Art Conference in Vietnam
2004 Performance and Science  Contribution to ASIA TOPIA (Concrete House/ Chumpon Apisuk) 6 Austrian artists participate with Performances, workshops, lectures at: Chulalongkorn University, King Mongkut's Institute of Technology and Silpakorn University
2003 Paszport Interactive Network and Communication project among  the  Ryzom close to Cologne and Poland
Exhibition: Baltic Biennale 2003 in Stettin (Poland) GALLERYA OFFICIA Idea / Concept / Realisation with: Michael Wittassek and others
1998 KOP KHUN KHA / KRAP, Retrospective des Projects 'Golden Tuk Tuk´s and Fluxus Ouark'  with artists  from Thailand /  Asia and Europe. Documentation / Installation. Exhibition /Realisation: Anja Ibsch / Marianne Tralau / Parzival.  Thai Currys of Kosit Juntaratip,  Eat-Art / Kochperformance for 60  guests.   0.55 /  55 performances,  with 32 Performers, Gallery 68elf , Cologne
1997 Performance –Art- Conference,  Silpakorn University / Concrete House / About Café, Suan Pakkad Palace , Bangkok (Thailand). International meeting of Performance Art with  60 participating Artists  from Asia and Europe. Curators /Organisation: 'ASA European', (B. Nieslony/ Cologne )  'Concrete House',(Chumpon Apisuk, BKK)/ 'Goethe Institut BKK ' Silpakorn University', BKK 'Suan  Pakkad Pallace'  (Maymay Jumsai), Chulalongkorn University and  the 'Ultimate Akademie', (V. Hamann, R. Hinterecker )
1997 One Day of my Life in a Box, 2nd exhibition, Rathhaus of the City Council Cologne. (Golden Tuk Tuk´s and  Fluxus Ouark,  in Kooperation with the Goethe Institute Bangkok and  the Ultimate Akademie)
1997 Open Tent, Project of  the Ultimate Akademie for Chiang Mai Social Installation (Thailand) 19 Artists from the network of the Ultimate Akademie, Cologne with Interventions/ Internet forum / Objects / Installations / Performances / Videos. Curator Chiang Mai: Uthit Atinana (Golden Tuk Tuk´s and  Fluxus Ouark, in Cooperation with the Goethe Institute BKK)
1996 One Day of my Life in a Box,  Communication - / Mail art – Project, Workshops  with ca. 140 participants. Sky-Dome des World Trade Centre, Bangkok,  Coordination and  Realisation
1996 Performance a´la carte 2, in memory of the dead of Al Hansen. Performance Event in Luxus-Hotel ship 'Helvetia' 98 Actions of 40  Artists. If you order they will  perform at the tables of the guests.  Idea: Knud Pädterson / Dänemark  Waiter: Ben Patterson / Knopp Ferro / Dietmar Pokoyski. Realisation  with the Ultimate Akademie : Cooperation with Stadtmuseum Cologne
1995 To Early, To Late, Project with Ben Patterson for the Karneval of Cologne/  Workshop / Exhibition / Performances. Idea / Concept with: Ben Patterson / Ingo Gräbner / Knopp Ferro and others 

Performances  (selection)
2005  Lost,  Contribution to "Silabha" Benefit festival for Tsunami victims, Curator Valerian Maly , Bern Switzerland 
2005  Luggage,  Contribution to "Farang" Curator: Gertrude Moser-Wagner,  Machfeld Galery /  Vienna, Austria
2004  Tak-Bai  Incident , Contribution to ASIA TOPIA 6 "Mild Conflict" / Concrete House, Curator: Chumpon Apisuk , Bangkok/Thailand  
2004  Habitat 3,  at the II international Performance Art Meeting Czczecin / Poland
2004   No title,  at 'Sperrgebiet'  Waldstadt, Gallery Wünsdorf / Berlin / Germany
2002  Worn out tools,   at 'Dystans 777'  / Stettin / Cologne ., Gallery 68elf, Cologne ,  
2001  Breeding,   at 'vron lichnam',  Zionskirche, Berlin / BRD
2000  Green laboratory, at 'Performance Art in NRW,' Kunstraum, DD blue water, at 'Performance S pur',  Stadtmuseum Siegburg / D
1999  Still searching, at 'Trawnik',  Muzeum Narodowe w Szczecinie / Stettin, Poland.
1999  Water,  at  'Transit', Curator: Jan Morgenthaler  Zürich / Switzerland. 
1997  Gold ,   ' 0.55',   'Performance-Conference Bangkok, Silpakorn University,  Bangkok /Thailand
1998  OJCÓW-PERFORMANCE,  with  Michael Wittássek , Ojcow  National park, Kraków / Poland.
1997  Final Decision, at  Tha Phae Gate, Chiang Mai, /Thailand. at 'Chiang Mai Social Installation' /CMSI. Organisation: Uthit Atimana
1997  a global affair,  Intervention in public space at CMSI / Thailand 
1996   Co-Performer at Ben Patterson's piece  'Bolero', Gallery Schüppenhauer, Cologne / Germany
1996  Suche der Sehnsucht,  Outdoor-Performance Kürten, Bergisches Land  Co-Performer: Mary Noele Dupuis / Volker Hamann
1996  Schweinkram, at ' Performance a´la carte 2' , Hotelship  'Helvetia' , Cologne, in Cooperation with Ultimate Akademie
1994  Contribution at 100 Performances,  Ultimate Akademie,  Urania –Theatre, Cologne
1994  Talk with Ingo Kümmel,   Rhenania, Cologne
1993  local hero,  Outdoor-Performance, at the mining tower  'Lüderich',  Berg. Land
1984  Inseln and  Schneisen, (islands and lanes)  Intervention and Biotransfer in the City territory, Ehrenstraße,  Cologne
1983   imagine,   Bondi Beach , Sydney / Australia.
1982   desert dream,   Native Cap, Outback / Australia.
1982   Escape,  with Dagmar  Ditzer / City place / Singapore.
1982 Fühl mal wieder, Riech mal wieder,  Intervention, German Embassy /  Singapore
1981  Konsumspurensicherung an tibetanischer Grenze,  LangTang / Nepal.
1981  Hong Kong / Singapore,   Co-Performer: Dagmar Ditzer / Hong-Kong.
1979   Sossagio, City-Performance with tram / 10 actors, at  '1. Cologne Performance-festival / Neumarkt of the Artists', Cologne /Germany