Jean Paul Forest

Jean Paul Forest Tahiti: "Rocks and Stiches" Video

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Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

23-01-04 Fifo Festival Tahiti

24-02-04 Oceania Center USP Suva Fiji

09-03-04 Pondok Pekak Library Ubud Bali Indonesia

22-3-04 MAF Bangkok 2004

07-9-04 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

23-10-04 Galerie Wohlfahrt Rotterdam

29-10-04 Haferkamp Münster

30-10-04 Deux Machine Festival München

01-11-04 Kunstkammer Stuttgart

21-11-04 KMGNE Berlin Germany

26-03-05 Janghu Festival Kunming

30-07-05 Station 17 Kassel

18-11-05 HKW Berlin

16-12-05 Boulev´Art Cotonou Benin

19-12-05 Ecoile des Metiers Benin

23-01-06 Arthaus Accra

19-05-06 Galerie Rachel Haferkamp Köln

"In a quest of spaces and shapes out of time, modern and ancient, the work of Jean-Paul Forest is a search of myths, signs and memories, beyond defined geographic plans. The artist, a native of Burgundy, in the heart of France, moved to live in Polynesia, in the heart of the Pacific. His work recalls myths of the Great Ocean, with memories of the Far East and myths of Old Europe. But the signs, that refer to paradigms and archetypes, look for a contact with the universal. So the small objects are like wide landscapes, the pebbles are like mountains, the waves on the coconut-tree's wood seem to the sea, and they inspire a feeling of nostalgia for the lost paradise, for dreamtime."
Emmanuel ANATI

Jean-Paul Forest s’intéresse surtout aux pierres de rivière. Il pratique un travail d’atelier de recherche sur les dislocations-reconstructions, associations possibles à partir des galets, et un travail in situ à la frontière du land-art. Il s’agit essentiellement de coutures des failles naturelles des roches, et ses interventions infimes et dérisoires dans le paysage sont exposées sous forme de photographies et vidéos.
Jean-Paul Forest is especially interested in river stones. He has workshop pieces focusing on dislocations-reconstructions – the possible relationships of river cobbles - and in situ installations at the frontier of land-art. This consists essentially in the stitching of natural cracks in the stones, and his minute and derisory interventions in the landscape are presented by photographs and videos.

Jean Paul Forest : né en 1956 en Bourgogne - France / Born in 1956 in Burgundy - France
Etabli depuis 1981 en Polynésie française - Pacifique Sud / Established since 1981 in french Polynesia - South Pacific
 Born in 1956 in Bourgogne (France). - 1974-1979 studied at the faculty of Medicine in Lyons; diploma of physiotherapist. - After 1981 he made his home in French Polynesia. -

Galerie des Tropiques - Papeete,Tahiti 1995
Galerie des Tropiques - Papeete, Tahiti
Centro Camuno di Studi Preistorici - Valcamonica, Italie
Galerie Médiart, 109 rue Quincampoix - Paris, France. Musée anthropologique de Tahiti et des îles - Tahiti
Galleria Schubert, Milano, Italie
Galerie Médiart, Paris. Galeria Tres Punts, Barcelona, Espagne. Musée Gauguin, Tahiti
Musée d’archéologie préhistorique - Liège , Belgique. Espace Flux, Liège
14ème congrès de l’UISPP, université de Liège - Belgique