Thorsten Fleisch

Thorsten Fleisch, Berlin, Germany, "Energy" Video

Thorsten makes experimental films, videos and installations. Whilst still at school, Thorsten already began to experiment with his father’s Super 8 camera. There, he also presented his first film, a super 8 loop.

Berlin, Germany, 8 August 2008, Email: "I am pleased, you like the film, and that it is of use to you."

1972 born in Koblenz - Germany

1991 first film experiments

1995 studies in Marburg: art history, music & media theory

1996 studies experimental film at the Städelschule in Frankfurt with Prof. Peter Kubelka and Guest Prof. Robert Breer for two years

2001 member of TIE’s - The International Experimental Cinema Exposition´s Board of Artistic Directors

2002 receives a grant from the Filmbüro NW

2003 receives a grant from the Museum of Contemporary Cinema

organizes techno parties with the Kachelklub in Berlin (until 2006)

2004 first show of recent works at the mediaruimte gallery in Brussels

2005 presentation of his works at the California Institute of the Arts and University of Southern California as well as curating a program for The International Experimental Cinema Exhibition in Denver

2006 'Blood of Machines' exhibition in Karlsruhe showing recent high-voltage photograms

2007 ‘Energie!’ exhibition in Berlin showing high-voltage electrophotographies

2008  'Energie!' was broadcast on French payTV channel Canal+