Fiji - Workshop

Introduction to the 3 day workshop

Right: Banyan artist Josaia Mc Namara Fiji

Group 1

Group 2, in the center:
Banyan artist Teweiariki Teaero, Kiribati + Fiji

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5
Banyan Workshop for visual artists, musicians, writers
Oceania Center at USP, Wednesday 24th - Friday 26th, 10 am - 4 pm

After a short introduction, first of the project, and then of all the participants to each other, the 20 artists are forming 5 small groups to work on different themes and medias.

Most of them leave their traditional field and experiment with a new media, like dance, performance, sound and video. After phases of practical work we have meetings, where all of them present the in between results to each other.

Learning by doing mistakes, come to a focus by trying to explain new ideas to others, trying to help each other as good as possible, this are the main ideas of our workshop. After 3 days we have 5 wonderfull results to present.