Fiji - Workshop Presentation

Final workshop presention at the Oceania Center

Group 1 presents a puppetry show

Group 2 presents a sculpture

Group 3 presents a performance: Mana

Group 4 presents a dance performance

Group 5 presents 2 videos

Participants of all the 5 groups
Banyan Workshop
Final Presentation
Oceania Center, Friday 26th of February, 6 pm

Group 1 presents a puppetry show called "Na Baka sa i Tatadra ni noqu Dodomo"
A work by Semi Navika, Tom Dom, Susie Bagshawe

Speaker: "Na Baka sa i Tatadra ni noqu Dodomo. This is the story about a boy from Kadavu, who loves a beautiful girl, who does not love him."

Marika: "Mere please I love you!" Mere: "No way, go away! I really dont like you !! I'm going home!" Marika: "Aww please!" Mere: "No!" Marika thinks: "I know the Banyan can help me! I'll offer the kava to the tree, whisper Mere's name, and she'll come running, I know it." Mere thinking: "Oooh wow, someone has fallen in love with me, I can feel that spirit really strong, i gotta go find who this is, oooh i am really falling in love. Marika! Marika! Marika! where are you baby?" Marika: "Hi Mere! you want to talk to me?" Mere: "Oh yes! Where can we go where we can be alone together?" Marika: "Right here girl, under the Banyan Tree!!"

Group 2 presents a sculpture, titel: "The Tree"
A work by Kelerayani Gavidi, Langi tiki Pitia, Teawiriki Teaero, Ben Fongoman

Speaker: "The powerfull hands are standing in reference to the Banyan tree´s roots. And there is also the tapat the top of the sculpture. That signifies life..."

Group 3 presents a performance called "Mana"
A work by Gilda Sénécal Wilson, Ledua Peni, Onnie Wong, Pita Waqanui

Woman speaking: "The healing power and curative properties of the Banyan Tree:
The tender roots of the tree can treat female sterility. The bark is used for diabetis. The latex can cure sores, ulcers and bruises. The leaf buds treat chronic diarrhoea and disentry. The leaves are used to cure skin disorders. The aerial roots clean teeth and prevent gums and teeth problems."

Man speaking: "Greetings to you all. We are about to begin our ceremony and I am calling on all the representatives from the different councils. I am calling on the representative from Kubuna. I am calling on the representative from Burebasaga and the representative from Tovata. I am asking for all to sit down together and work together as one. To come and pay respect for generations to come. For wisdom is the source of blessings. I am one again calling you to work together as one."

Group 4 presents a performance "Na Vunibaka Ga sa Tevoro"
A work by Tevita Yabia, Waqa Vuidreketi, Salote Sinukula Naulumatua, Nisimere Bola

Singer: "Na Vunibaka Ga sa Tevoro, Na Vunibaka Ga sa Tevoro..."

Group 5 presents 2 videos. "The Baka The Spirit Tree" and "Sand Trees"
Video works of Visual Poetry by Marie B. Koya, Anne Tarde, Frances C. Koya, Calvin Rore