Amrit Chusuwan

Amrit Chusuwan
Bangkok, Thailand:
"Skull Pant" installation

Banyan Workshop:

28-09-09 Fritz-Karsen-Schule Berlin, Germany

Amrit Chusuwan
is working as art professor at
Silpakorn University
Bangkok Thailand

Born in 1956 in Nakhon Si Thammarat, South of Thailand, Chusuwan studied painting at Silpakorn University and pursued his master degree and artist career in Poland in 1980s.
He had his first solo show in Poland in 1989. Shusuwan was among pioneering artists in Thailand in the late 80s who experimented on conceptual painting that sought apart from canvas and colours other mediums to convey chance and possibility of relations between different objects. His series of project in the 80s that featured a number of plastic bags filled with different colour liquid laid and scattered on beaches by ocean waves has earned him recognition among those Thai artists who started exploring on new media and subsequently led to the development of installation art in Thailand. From the 1990s, Chusuwan has been working largely on video installations. They mostly question Thai perception of being Buddhists where some daily acts ironically contradict with religion beliefs.