Allen Ailani Alo

Allen Ailani Alo, Samoa + the Oceania Dance Theater, Suva, Fiji: "About a bird" Dance Performance

A dance performance based on a story from Samoa. Realized with a music piece of Will Guthrie from Melbourne.

Banyan Presentations and Workshops:

24-02-04 Oceania Center USP Suva Fiji

09-03-04 Pondok Pekak Library Ubud Bali Indonesia

22-3-04 MAF Bangkok 2004

07-9-04 Künstlerhaus Bethanien

23-10-04 Galerie Wohlfahrt Rotterdam

Allen Ailani Alo is dancer and choreographer from Samoa, living in Fiji. He is working at the Oceania Center at USP University in Suva.